My Good People of Oyo State, God does not act in a vacuum and he has made everything to perfection. And this is the reason why we are gathered here today.



We give Him all the glory.



The political struggle of the past few weeks by the people of Oyo State, particularly the elections which took place yesterday leading to my being elected as your next governor on May 29 this year, reminds me of the Agbekoya struggle of 1968.

I compare the two historical events because while the original Agbekoya struggle of 50 years ago was a peasant revolt that kicked against high taxation and tariffs, particularly of farmers by the “powers that be,” yesterday’s voting pattern, clearly showed your dogged determination in spite of spirited efforts to frustrate you.
The needless bloodletting, maiming and killings of members of opposition parties which led to the death of a federal legislator, Hon Olatoye Temitope Sugar and some others was an unfortunate dent on our democracy. I assure the families involved that they will not die in vain.



In your valour, you stood up against what you perceived to be the mismanagement of your common patrimony brought about by collusion with forces outside of our shores to fleece our treasury, among other obvious misdemeanours.
Well, there is no need crying over spilled milk and it is for us to move forward together and for me to fulfil my campaign promises to you in the clear understanding that we will take realistic decisions together because you did not elect me to compensate me for anything, you elected me to fulfil your desire for a better standard of living and with God’s help, I will not disappoint you.



You also made it easier for us by voting in majority of our legislators which means that we can push through, without much ado, all of our people-oriented policies, particularly in critical sectors of Education, Health and Job creation.

The making of history is usually decided by wise men who volunteer to operate from behind the scene. High Chief Rashidi Ladoja, the Osi Olubadan and former governor of Oyo State together with Senator Femi Lanlehin of the ADC, Barrister Sarafadeen Ali of the Zenith Labour Party, Chief Bolaji Ayorinde of the SDP, Senator Monsura Sunmonu and others who decided to relegate their own ambition and support me for the greater good of the masses. Posterity will forever paint their names in gold. I must also not forget to mention the roles of our National Leaders and all Members of our great Party, PDP. My gratitude is eternal.



I thank you once again for entrusting me with your mandate.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Engr. Seyi Makinde
Oyo State Governor-elect.

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