The 8th Civilian Governor of Oyo State Seyi A. Makinde

Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde can best be described as a phenomenon that many political actors did not see coming. But, like a flame cast on dry leaves in the peak of harmattan, he ignited a political consciousness that spread hope and a renewed belief in good governance in the minds of the people of Oyo State. He ran a people-centred campaign fired by a passion for excellence and sustainable development which has inspired loyal followership.

Seyi graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, in 1990, and was further trained in Industrial Control Services in Houston, Texas in 1998. Between 1999 and 2005, he attended the Lagos Business School (now Pan African University), Jiskoot Auto Control Training Centre, Kent England, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His education and training prepared him to succeed as a businessman and Group Managing Director of Makon Group Nigeria Limited, which he founded. It also prepared him for the vagaries of political life. As a philanthropist, he touched the lives of thousands in Oyo State through scholarships and other community development projects.

His quest to touch even more lives and a commitment to helping Oyo State’s private sector create more job opportunities dictated his sojourn into politics.

He was elected Governor of Oyo State on March 10, 2019. Since then, Seyi continues to fervently pursue policies that will turn around the economic fortunes of the people of Oyo State and reinstate it in its position as the Pacesetter State.

His Roadmap for Accelerated Development in Oyo State rests on four pillars: Education, Healthcare, Security and the use of Agribusiness to drive the Economy. He is determined to run an inclusive government, and maintain an effective feedback system, so he remains apprised of all governance challenges facing the people of Oyo State.

Seyi remains committed to using his office as Governor of Oyo State, to bring about development that will outlast his tenure and be used as a benchmark for good governance in Oyo State and Nigeria.