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Governor Seyi Makinde’s Remarks at the Commissioning of the 3.2 km Ibadan Airport Road Dualisation Project

Governor Seyi Makinde delivering his remarks during the commissioning of the 3.2 km Ibadan Airport Road dualisation project on March 3, 2023

Being the remarks by His Excellency Seyi Makinde, the Executive Governor of Oyo State at the commissioning of the 3.2 km Ibadan Airport Road dualisation project on Friday, March 3, 2023.

We are here today to commission the 3.2 km Ibadan Airport Road, which is part of our vision of turning the surrounding areas of the Ibadan Airport into an aerotropolis. This project also covers the rehabilitation of adjoining roads along the airport axis and the rehabilitation of spur roads around the Iwo Road Interchange, including the 2 km road from Oludare to Bishop Phillips.

At different times, I have shared my dream of seeing aeroplanes take off and land at this airport every 30 minutes. But, I have also maintained that this will not be possible if we cannot pull the right crowd to the airport. The people we need to attract will only come here if we have created the path for them. So, roads like these ones we are commissioning today are vital.

Let me also mention that our vision goes beyond building roads. We have other ancillary projects, such as upgrading the Ibadan Airport, which forms part of our vision to make the Ibadan Airport a viable alternative to the Lagos Airport. We have already upgraded the facilities at the airport including upgrading the VIP lounge and providing a fire truck. We have installed a 500,000 litres aviation fuel storage and dispensing facility which will also be commissioned today so that flights which pass through this airport can refuel here in Ibadan. These actions will further unlock our state’s economic potential related to the aviation and transportation industry.

When we came into office, I remember stating in my inaugural speech that depending over 60% on FAAC allocations was unsustainable. I promised then that we would take actions that would put Oyo State on the path to sustainable development.

I am happy to report that we have kept that promise.

Our projects and policies have ensured that the Oyo State economy continues to grow. As of 2022, we have reduced Oyo State’s dependence on FAAC to just about 50%.  

This will be one of the last projects we will commission before the elections. And it is significant that we are taking another step towards opening our state to further economic growth. I can say that this is a transition project.

On the one hand, it was conceived as one of the projects that will form the foundation for accelerated development, which we now call Omituntun 1.0. As has been mentioned, work on this road commenced in February 2022. We have completed the project in one year just in time to move into Omituntun 2.0.

We believe that just as you gave us the mandate to serve you the first time, you will do so again in about eight days from now.

Completing and commissioning this project also fulfils our promise: To continue diligently serving the good people of Oyo State till the last day of our first tenure. As you can see, we are doing just that.

In the spirit of promises, I also stated that when this road is completed, it will be renamed after a former Governor of Oyo State, Dr Omololu Olunloyo. So today, I have the honour of renaming this 3.2 km Ibadan Airport Road, Dr Omololu Olunloyo Airport Road. We are happy that Baba is here with us today and that God spared his life to see this road named after himself.

As an administration, we will continue to honour our heroes and all leaders who served the state diligently. Their labours will not be forgotten.

I will now invite my brother, Governor Nyesom Wike to deliver his remarks before we proceed to commission the Dr Omololu Olunloyo Airport Road to the glory of God and for the benefit of the good people of Oyo State.


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