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Seyi Makinde’s Achievements in Healthcare (2 Years in Office)

Seyi Makinde's Achievement in Healthcare: Upgraded secondary health facilities

The Governor Seyi Makinde led administration’s achievements in healthcare include the completion of several Primary Healthcare Centres out of the 299 awarded during the year. Some of the completed PHCs are Irefin PHC Ibadan, Odo Ona PHC Ibadan and Oke Adu PHC Ibadan. Governor Makinde’s administration also upgraded secondary healthcare facilities in Saki Specialist Hospital, Saki, Adeoyo Maternity Home, Jericho Nursing Home, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, General Hospital Aremo, General Hospital Eruwa (laboratory) and Catholic Hospital, Oluyoro (laboratory).

Let us now track Governor Seyi Makinde’s achievements in healthcare for his second year in the office against his Road Map to Accelerated Development in Oyo State, 2019-2023. You can read his first year promises kept in healthcare here.

Review of Governor Seyi Makinde’s Achievements in Healthcare for Two Years in Office

Seyi Makinde's Achievement in Healthcare: Procurement of Ambulances

The committee on Oyo State Health Care System established during the first year assessed health facilities to identify gaps in structure, personnel and health care financing. 351 Primary Health Care facilities in the 351 wards in the state were identified for renovation, equipping and staffing.

Building on the success of the first year in office, 64,000 enrolees were registered by the Oyo State Health Insurance Agency in the past one year. This is 200% increase compared with last year. This is due to sensitisation on the CBA of using health insurance and mobilisation during the Free Health Mission in all zones of the state.

The following meetings were held in the last one year:

  • Meeting of Steering Committee on Basic Health Care Provision Fund with WHO, UNICEF, Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria.
  • Health Consultative Stakeholders meeting is held quarterly with all stakeholders in the state.
  • The Ministry of Health meets regularly and coordinates activities of Developmental Partners in Oyo State.
  • The ministry also registers and controls of private health practice in the state.

The Oyo State Strategic Health Development Plan II was developed during the first year in office. Since then, the plan has been printed and disseminated to all stakeholders. Also, various items in Strategic Health Development Plan was included in the Year 2021 budget.

The Oyo State Primary Health Care Board is fully established and backed by law.

An Annual Operation Plan was jointly developed by all departments and agencies in the Ministry of Health and with the support and participation of Developmental Partners where activities and responsibilities of all stakeholders were identified.

Oyo State, in conjunction with Management Science for Health (GF), developed a linkage framework for all partners working in the area of health sector during the first year in office. This is still in operation.

There was reactivation of Ward Development Committees of the PHCs where they existed and creation of WDCs where they didn’t exist in all 351 wards of the state during the first year in office. For the second year in office, the Executives of Ward Development Committee in all the 351 wards in the State were trained to enable them carry out their functions effectively.

The obligation of having PHC Under One Roof (PHCUOR) by the full redeployment of the PHC staff into the Primary Health Care Board was achieved during the first year in office.

Following the implementation of PHCUOR towards optimising PHC benefits in the state, the Primary Health Care Board has succeeded in:

  • Moving Health Workers (HWs) at the LGAs to the Board and looking forward to Local Government Health Authorities (LGHAs) creation;
  • Bill for appropriate funding of PHC activities across the LGHAs has just been passed by the House of Assembly.
  • Minimum Service Package has been developed and validated while the Board is presently on the verge of the MSP Report Making and looks forward to the PHC Operational Guideline Development.
  • Appointment of Chairman of the Board.

Additionally, outside the PHC programmes:

  • Quarterly Meetings of all Ministry, Department and Agencies are held
  • Integrated Supportive Supervision is institutionalised in the state to involve all health families.

The state has continued to collaborate with willing partners by showing good commitment with provision of counterpart funds to cement such collaborative efforts. In the past one year, the Oyo State Government paid Accelerating Nutrition Result in Nigeria (ANRIN) Counterpart Funding of N50M.

The following has been done in the past one year:

  • Development and implementation of consistent HRH tracking in the state.
  • Improvement of the capacity of lower cadres of Healthcare Workers (CHEWS).
  • Unification of HRH data in the state.

This was achieved during the first year in office.

The Oyo State in conjunction with HSCL- MSH for Health (GF) has done the following in the past one year:

  • Estimation of HRH requirement across public health facilities in the state.
  • Advocacy for implementation of activities to improve HRH situation in the state.

In the past one year, the Oyo State Government has done the following to motivate healthcare workers:

  • Building capacity of 3,200 frontline Health Workers on the Health Information Management System.
  • Capacity building on the quality of care in ANC and PNC were conducted for 320 health care providers across the 60 facilities.

Some trainings were conducted in the first year in office. However, none were conducted during the second year in office.

The Ministry of Budget and Planning is saddled with minimum budgetary allocation responsibility.

The Committee has been established and inaugurated during the first year in office. However, the members have not been trained yet to enable them commence work.

The Committee was established and inaugurated to partner with HSCL – MSH during the first year in office. However, their training it yet to be done to enable them commence work.

The Oyo State Health Insurance Agency (OYSHIA) has commenced community-based health insurance mobilisation and enrolment.

There is no fiscal policy. However, the Ministry of Budget and Planning always ensures that the amount budgeted is equal to amount released.

All transactions are done through the bank.

The work is in progress with committee and HSCL –MSH on budget monitoring.

There are functional Ward Development Committees across the 351 political in the state. There are also Community Development Committee as well as the facility development committees in most of our primary health care facilities.

While there is a continuous effort to educate the people at the grassroots on their expected roles in healthcare delivery as well as right to quality care, a patients’ bill of right has not been created yet.

Free Health Mission was organized to treat various health conditions to reduce the burden of disease in the state.

Tomotiya programme was organised to reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in the state.

  • Establishment of Renal Dialysis Centre and High Dependency Unit at Ring Road State Hospital.
  • Procurement and Installation of CT-Scan at Ring Road State Hospital.
  • Renovation of Jericho Nursing Home.
  • Oyo State Government spent over N27, 851,726.00 on medical assistance for both public and civil servants.
  • Accreditation of Jericho Specialist Hospital for postgraduate training in Family Medicine.
  • Accreditation of Adeoyo Maternity Teaching Hospital for Post Graduate training in Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Semi-autonomy for selected health facilities (Ring Road State Hospital, Adeoyo Maternity and State Hospital Oyo).
  • Establishment of the Geriatric Centre at former Jericho Specialist Hospital building at Jericho, Ibadan.
  • Collaboration with Africa Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine project on improving quality of Ante Natal Care and Post Natal Care (ANC and PNC) by integrating TB HIV and Malaria into service delivery. Equipment to improve the quality of ANC and PNC care donated by AFENET and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine was supplied to 60 facilities across the state.
  • Free Health Mission 2021:
  • Medical – 244,073
  • Surgical – 2,349
  • Free cataract operation – 120
  • Free glasses – 1,000
  • Dental care – 2,458
  • Employment of ten new Consultants, 53 Specialised Nurses.
  • Employment of 470 health workers (almost completed).
  • Accelerating Nutrition Result in Nigeria (ANRIN) Project: 
  • Management of Malnutrition among Under-5 Children – One hundred and Sixty (160) cases of various degrees of malnutrition among under-5 children have so far been successfully managed at the State nutrition Rehabilitation Centre, Oni and Son Hospital in the last eight (8) Months.
  • Distribution of Vitamin A to Health Facilities (HFs) in the State – 657 HFs were supplied with Vitamin A to enhance the Supplementation of Under-5 Children with Vitamin A.
  • Collaboration with Partners: UNICEF, WHO, DFB:
  • Global Fund/PMI plan distribution of 5 million Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets.
  • Printing and distribution of data tool to all Health facilities in the state.
  • Supply of computers and laptops for to officers in the Ministry of Health.

188,324 residents across 33 local government areas are enrolled on the scheme as at May 2021.

223 caesarean sections were conducted on enrolees in the last one year.

171 other surgical interventions were conducted on enrolees in the last one year.

Employment of 21 medical officers and 25 adhoc staff.

Upgrading and equipping of the Staff Clinic, Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan.

Construction of Diagnostic Centre at State Hospital Saki and procurement of X-ray machine through capitation accrued to the facility.

Construction of Diagnostic Centre at State Hospital Ogbomoso.

Construction of Hostel facility at State Hospital, Oyo.

Ongoing Renovations:

General Hospital Aremo, Ibadan.

General Hospital Tede, Oke-Ogun.