My Dear Good People of Oyo State,

As 2020 closes, I am reminded of the words of the very popular 1897 hymn by Johnson Oatman Jr, “Count your Blessings.” This song encourages us to take stock of the good things that happened in our lives. When we do this, we often find that we have overlooked many positives. 

Many would describe 2020 as a tough year. At the beginning of the year, the drop in oil prices led to a huge drop in revenue from federal allocations and attendant economic meltdown. In March 2020, many states in Nigeria had cases of the coronavirus disease. This necessitated an interstate lockdown by the Federal Government. Although we did not effect a total lockdown in Oyo State, we were not spared the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. A few months later, we faced mass protests by the youths and others who were angry about police brutality. Events after the protests also set us back economically.

However, our 2020 is not defined by these events. As the first stanza of that song says, “When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost, count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.”

So, let me recount some of the blessings that 2020 brought us as a people.

We continued working with our administration’s blueprint, the Roadmap to Accelerated Development in Oyo State, 2019-2023. And I am happy to report that we have continued to reduce our infrastructural deficit, slowly but surely.

As at September 2020, we had recorded an Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of 25.6 billion Naira. And using the half-year figures, that represented a 26.4% increase in IGR year on year.

Moribund industries such as the Pace Setter Quarry and Asphalt Plant, Ijaiye, Agbowo Shopping Complex, Ibadan and Pacesetter Fruit Processing Company, Oko, were handed over to concessionaires. All of these will be contributing to the economic development of our state.

We are confronting the new challenges caused by the influx of people and businesses into Oyo State. More people are being attracted to our dear state because of our good governance initiatives and business-friendly environment. We believe that the complaints about the city’s traffic situation will soon be a thing of the past as we vigorously pursue road rehabilitations, expansions, and constructions. The bus terminals at Iwo Road, New Ife Road, Challenge and Ojoo will be commissioned in 2021.

In Education, we have continued our strides with the construction of model schools, blocks of classrooms, perimeter fencing and sinking of boreholes. We have also engaged in teachers’ training and completed the recruitment of 5,000 teachers to reduce the student/teacher ratios in our secondary schools. We were able to resolve the lingering issue of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), and Oyo State is now the sole owner of the institution.

In Agriculture, we signed the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) bill into law which provided for the establishment of OYSADA. We began renovating and expanding the Headquarters in Saki. We also initiated the Start Them Early Programme (STEP) in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). This initiative takes agribusiness education to secondary schools. Additionally, we started training our youths in agribusiness with the Oyo State Youth in Agribusiness Tomatoes Project.

The highlight of the past year in security is the commencement of operations of the Oyo State Western Nigeria Security Network (codenamed Amotekun). We know there will be teething problems, but rest assured that the corps will be serving the interests of the people of Oyo State. We also believe that all well-meaning residents of Oyo State will work with the corps to secure all 351 wards of our state.

Our Healthcare sector witnessed improvements not only in infrastructure but also in recruitment and training. We took advantage of the pandemic to upgrade and rehabilitate Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC) at Igbo Ora and Awe. We also renovated and equipped the PHC at Aafin in Oyo Town and ALGON Comprehensive Health Centre at Eyin Grammar, Ibadan. We now have one Infectious Disease Centre at Olodo. At Ogbomoso, we renovated one wing of the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital. Whereas at Saki, we took an incomplete project and turned it into a 100-bed specialist hospital. Our plan to rehabilitate one PHC per ward in Oyo State is in full gear.

We will continue to maintain a positive outlook for 2021. Oyo State remains open for business. The Oyo State Investment and Public-Private Partnership Agency (OYSIPA) is always willing to discuss investment opportunities in Oyo State with both local and international businesses.

We will never take for granted your continued support for our administration, nor will we take lightly our promise to serve. We remain committed to our promise to put you, the good people of Oyo State, first in every decision we make.

And at the end of the year, may we have even more reasons to look back and be surprised at the “many things that the Lord has done.”

May your year 2021 be better than your year 2020. 

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Long live Oyo State.


  1. Truly 2020 was a memorable year but regardless, we will reflect more on our blessings therein.
    Thank you so much Governor Seyi Makinde. We believe in you and our prayers are with you again as we begin a New decade. The wisdom from God is available and it will be in excess this season.
    Season greetings my people in Oyo State.

  2. Happy new year Your Excellency (GSM), we again indebted to you for the great work you have being doing since your ascension into power as the governor of the state (Oyo state). I really appreciate you for the great work you have being doing in LAUTECH ever since, most importantly about the ownership of LAUTECH, which is now 100% own by Oyo state. It’s a great battle to won. Rumour has it that there is plan towards making LAUTECH a muti-campus University. From my perspective this might create another future problem which can be liken with what happened between Osun and Oyo state. Inorder not to have this same issue I will suggest making it a single campus school but with many satellites campuses. Thanks so much for your usual concern about the progress of the state and opinions of your citizens (The Oyo state populace). God bless the prestigious and the governor of the people. We all love you sir. Thanks sir


    The entire Seconded Teachers of Oyo State hereby felicitate with our beloved Governor.
    Its our heart felt prayer that God will preserve you, furnish you with the needed wisdom to direct and take Oyo State to its desired destination.

    We wish to remind you that our full integration into TESCOM payroll is paramount in our heart, having been in TESCOM since 2017, while our salaries and other entitlements are resident with SUBEB.

    Kindly bail us out sir, for our carrier progression is @ stake.



    1) *Comr TITILOLU I S 08065924655*

    2) *Comr Opaola S O 07016182628*

    3) *Comr Moshood T O 07060509431*


  4. The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” –Amelia Earhart.
    Again,existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate … When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!”
    My Governor you are an exemplary of a good leader, I ve been following over the years of campaigning, honestly I’ve been following your progress reports,a goal getter,focus individual,Very determine and very courageous this are but few of your qualities. I ve no or I have never doubted you Wright from the first time u made ur intention clear as aspiring to be the governor of Oyo state.In the last election that you won before then I use to work in Ibarapa, to be precise in Igboora very close to the beer parlour where i was busy with a cold bottle of trophy lager beer, then i saw a particular group of people about over 100 which happens to be a ward which was PDP party member while driving out I shouted Omituntun and they all responded at that point I was motivated to come down of my official truck and I did shout 2and and 3rd time Omituntun, and they responded immediately I ordered 15 crates of trophy lager and 10 grandmalt pet and this was physically handed over to the part.I was now giving d Mike to address d members or rather public after a very emotional speech no body could talk anymore. For does that came for money where disappointed and realise it is better they vote the Wright candidate. The and my record are still there. Finally head of the ward asked me a vital question ‘ Are You A Politician ‘ I said no while they pleaded that they need some one like me.But I never came back.
    My Governor you have done well and please continue in this parafelia. You never dissapointed me because I have always an architect that before this country can grow in our economic mirage untill when some one from a multinational organisation attain the president and that is my goal or make it your PIP( Personal Imrovement Plan).
    Sir , it has high time we start having or setting KPI’s for our commisionals and etc attaining political portfolio with out this we cannot get to anywhere. You lone can understand what am saying.well done on your take over lautech I had always argued this.To let you know i was loyal fans that u never know” While I was agitating and advocating you , it was in power market I realise you come there before attaining this Honourable position.Moreso, on the Area LGA of chairmanship? Please what is local government doing? We need to start to be given KPIs, it shouldn’t be a permanent sit.if you are not performing then he should be put into a performance improvement plan for a quarter or 6 months and after that employment should be terminated as a matter of fact chairman should be appointment not subjected to election. I say thank u fod where we are now but it could only be better. Happy new and prosperous new year. Adekunle O.

    Sales Team manager, Oyo State.

    NOTE: LGA should generate income. Where is table water business, Note books, Biro,and so many business to venture and brings in additional income to the state Government. Quite unfortunate am not from Oyo state but from Ogun State but has stayed in Oyo state for about 11 years.Burn and Brought up in The North.Bye for now my Governor eti je ko seized, Adee run se Emin. Shallom

  5. Prof. Abass Olajire

    These achievements as highlighted in the speech of the Executive Governor, Eng. Seyi Makinde are laudable, and big congratulations to GSM for achieving all these in less than 2years into his administration. People of Oyo State will continue to support you with these landmark achievements of yours sir. Remained bless as you continue beyond 2023 by God’s grace, Amen

  6. God bless you, your excellency Gov Seyi Makinde. It’s an obvious fact that everyone knows that Oyo State is witnessing a real turn around during your administration.
    Pls sir, about the recruitment of the 5000 teachers that you referred to as “completed”, I want to believe that truly it has been completed simply because you said it. But the successful candidates are yet to receive their appointment letters, thanks to the usual postponements by TESCOM. And this is January already, the candidates seems not to yet know what their fate is.
    But again, we’ll rest in your word that it has been “completed” and hope that it becomes a reality soon.
    Thank you sir.

  7. AbdulShakuur Akorede Folorunso

    Your excellency sir, it is with great pleasure I congratulate you on the achievements over the current reign. While we are focusing on an accelerated development for Oyo state, we should also give keen focus on the insecurity in the state.
    Yes, Akotekun has been injected as part of the security team of the state. But the incessant act seen among some hoodlums and motorists especially at garages continues to become a menace to the people of Oyo state. As the CSO of the state, please improve on this side of the issue.

    Oyo o ni baje o.

    Thank you

  8. Good our dear Governor. Hopefully, this year, 2021 would be tranendously better than previous year 2020. With your core desire to turn-around our state better, with help God, your effort will be crowned with unprecedented success. Carry on the good job. Well done!

  9. Good day Mr, Governor. One main area you have not worked on in oyo state. “Work generation for the youths.” Please encourage more youths to be self employed in agriculture business. The products are needed in Lagos state. For it population. Oyo state have two state university. Polytechnic. Colleges of education. Etc. Producing Graduates without works. The educted Hoodlums in the state is increasing at high rate. I wish you the best. Happy New year.

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