Remarks by His Excellency Seyi Makinde at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Construction of the 24.5km Itas-Gadau Road, Bauchi State

Gover Makinde at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Construction of the 24.5km Itas-Gadau Road, Bauchi State

I am honoured to be here with you today to join you in the groundbreaking ceremony of the construction of the 24.5 km Itas-Gadau Road here in Bauchi State. I understand that this road is of significant socio-economic importance to the people in this area and Bauchi State as a whole.

As an engineer, I appreciate the challenges of building roads in areas where the topography is swampy. So, I must say “well done” to my brother, His Excellency Bala Mohammed.

People often wonder why I always stick to calling you, the governors from other states, “brother.” I call you brother because we are all one. East, West, North or South, we are all one. When something affects one, it affects the other. You especially showed that you were a brother when you stood by us when we were faced with the unfortunate incident in Sasa, in Oyo State. You risked all, together with three of our other brother governors and came to us. Thank you. The people of Oyo State, thank you for standing with us in those trying times.

You showed, through your actions, that you believe in the unity of our people. At a time when we have non-state actors all over the place fanning ethnic tension and some leaders looking away as if they do not know what is going on. You showed by word and by deed that you are for peace and unity. Once again, I thank you for your solidarity.

But today is a day to be happy. You are starting something here that will improve access between Itas Local Government Area and Gadau, where the Bauchi State University is located. As I have learned, this will shorten the time spent travelling between both communities and open up the agricultural area between them. You have indeed taken a bold step and deserve to be commended.

As politicians, we are usually inclined to do the easier, simpler things that people can easily see. But you have chosen to do the tougher ones. The tougher actions we take are the actions that often lead to leaving a legacy behind. This will be a legacy for you.

I have also seen the specifications of this road. I am happy that it is not the type of road that will fall apart in just a few months. The finishing with a 40mm asphalt wearing course is worth mentioning for its durability.

As leaders, we must never forget that what we do with the opportunities we are given will eventually speak for us. We must remain focused on doing the right things to the best of our abilities. We must work to accelerate development in our areas. Road construction is one of those core developmental projects that must never be overlooked.

I am convinced that we can succeed in moving Nigeria forward if we continue to drive our people’s economic empowerment by providing the infrastructure they need. Nigerians are generally resilient people who simply need the right environment to blossom. We can see how well Nigerians do when they leave the shores of this country. If we do our part as leaders to provide the right environment for them, they will stay back and join in building Nigeria.

Once again, I thank you for having me. I pray that this project that you have started today progresses according to the plan to benefit the people of Itas and Gadau, the people of Bauchi State and indeed Nigeria as a whole.

Thank you, and God bless you.


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