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Governor Seyi Makinde’s Remarks During the Signing of Oyo State Mobilisation Agency for Socio-Economic Development (OYMASED) Bill 2024

Governor Seyi Makinde and Rt Hon Adebo Ogundoyin During the Signing of Oyo State Mobilisation Agency for Socio-Economic Development (OYMASED) Bill 2024 on 11 June 2024

Being the Remarks by His Excellency Seyi Makinde, FNSE, Executive Governor of Oyo State during the Signing of Oyo State Mobilisation Agency for Socio-Economic Development (OYMASED) Bill 2024 on Tuesday, 11 June 2024.

We are here today to sign one of the most important laws that will shape the future of this administration and our dear State – the Oyo State Mobilisation Agency for Socio-Economic Development Bill 2024 (OYMASED).

Let me start by saying a big thank you to Professor Jerry Gana, who held a pioneering role as the Director of the Mass Mobilization for Self Reliance, Social Justice and Economic Recovery (MAMSER), after which we have styled OYMASED. I thank you, Sir.

I also thank the honourable members of the House of Assembly for the timely passage of this bill and for continuing to collaborate with our administration to deliver good governance to the people of Oyo State.

With OYMASED, we have an agency that will clarify the abstract ideas in our State’s economic policy and educate our people about the law and political processes. 

This agency we are creating today will serve as a rallying point for several key ministries, departments and agencies of government. This is why the advisory board includes representatives from the Ministry of Information and Orientation, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investments and Cooperatives, the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Inclusion and the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS).

Let me mention a few things that made this agency necessary. We are at a point in the development of our dear State and nation where we must prioritise economic development. We see hunger in the land, which does not reflect where we should be as a nation. So, we must create frameworks to harness our potential through mobilisation, sensitisation, and advocacy. This agency is a key part of the framework.

Also, when economic development is prioritised, continuous education is needed. You cannot win the people’s trust if you do not clearly communicate where you are taking them. So, another big part of this agency’s responsibility is working with the relevant government organs to lead communications and advocacy. 

While some may think that our biggest resource is the oil in the ground or agriculture, I believe that our strongest resource is our people. This is not simply in the sense of manpower for development. When we educate and train our people, that is the greatest empowerment we can give them. For example, during our first tenure, we sent 3,300 youths to Nasarawa State for training in agri-food systems. We conducted a survey a few months ago, and over half of that number have used their training, and they are actively involved in agribusiness even without direct government support. And that is why we decided to support them through the SAfER for YEAP Beneficiaries. We will be holding the symbolic presentation of cheques in a few weeks.

So OYMASED will play a big role in the continuous mobilisation and sensitisation of the various demographics in Oyo State for the pursuit of social, economic, political and environmental upliftment. When we now enforce the law, no one will say they were not warned or they did not know.

So let me take this opportunity to warn those who are carrying out anti-social and anti-economic activities in the State. Disobeying traffic laws, selling on the streets instead of designated areas and markets and indiscriminately dumping refuse on our roads and medians will be addressed. We are embracing a carrot-and-stick approach to the rule of law going forward. OYMASED is the carrot of sensitisation and advocacy, and the State will now be wielding the stick of enforcement through appropriate agencies in the full implementation of the rule of law.

I am also happy to announce, at this time, that we have a Director General for this agency who meets the requirements for this position. And he is in the person of the present Special Adviser on Socio-Economic Development, Dr Morohunkola Thomas.

We are certainly looking forward to feeling this agency’s impact on our State’s socioeconomic development in the shortest possible time.

So, I will now proceed with the signing of the Oyo State Mobilisation Agency for Socio-Economic Development (OYMASED) Bill 2024 to the glory of God and for the benefit of the good people of Oyo State.

Thank you and God bless you.

Seyi Makinde

11 June 2024


2 thoughts on “Governor Seyi Makinde’s Remarks During the Signing of Oyo State Mobilisation Agency for Socio-Economic Development (OYMASED) Bill 2024”

  1. Well done sir, it’s good to hear about the inauguration of innovative new agencies. It’s good to have an agency for mobilising the public on political processes. However, I struggle to understand why abstract ideas are contained in the state economic policies in the first place, which will then warrant an agency to do the clarification? Interpretation of these abstract ideas by a different body that was not involved in the hatching of the idea may bring about a different interpretation from the concept meant by the originator! Can the agency be saddled with clarifying the ideas before they get adopted as economic policies? And is it really the people that need to be educated or the stakeholders implementing the “abstract policies”? Just a loud thought though. However, I buy into the idea of utilising social demographics to pursue development. Well done sir.

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